A Guide to Dark & Bright Cave


An excursion to Lan Ha Bay cannot be complete without a trip to Dark & Bright Cave. This cave majestically sets beneath a cragged limestone mountain surrounded by clear waters on the border of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. In the proximity of Cat Ba National Park, Dark & Bright Cave is only accessible and fully admired by using kayak or boat.

Why Dark & Bright Cave is attractive?

Though not being famous as caves in Halong Bay, Dark & Bright Cave is dazzling with brilliant white karsts rising above jade-green waters. Tourists flock to the cave for its primitive ambiance and natural beauty.

Dark & Bright Cave is a unique combination of two caves namely Dark Cave and Bright Cave. Dark Cave is about 100 meters long, dark, and mysterious with very little natural light. Strong tides often make Dark Cave flooded and prevent people from visiting. By contrast, Bright Cave is sparkling with full of light.


Either you get on a bamboo boat rowed by a local or do kayaking by yourself, Dark & Bright Cave is truly a feast for the eyes. Under the cave, extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and sizes are seemingly falling down. Passing the arched gate, you’ll be amazed by the serene beauty of the quiet lake and rocky cliff edge.

How to get there?

Most cruises to Lan Ha Bay such as Indochine, Heritage Binh Chuan, and Elite of the Seas include Dark & Bright Cave in their itineraries. You just need to get on any cruises sailing to Lan Ha Bay and enjoy the trip to the cave.